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Brandstett Nicolas

In my life

Young businessman, I co-created "From Cuba With Love" when I was 18. Lover of classical music and extreme sports, I also love to travel and taste the products of the land. That’s why my company is so important for me. It represents everything I am !

From Cuba With Love

I work as a co-CEO in the company. I am responsable for international business. I deal with special customers requirements individually. Our company is divided in 3 divisions targeting different international markets. I have to help these teams to keep our customers satisfied.

Dubois Morgan

In my life

Some people can think that's it's too early, but i was only 18 years old when I co-created "From Cuba With Love" with my roommate. I'm passionate by music and travels. I love discovering new countries and new lifestyles but I'm not like a tourist I meet the population and live with them.

From Cuba With Love

I work as a co-COE. I am responsable for new products. I travel a lot to discover products that my client will like. I am also responsable for orders, inventory management and website. I love this job, I hope I'll do it for all my life.

Financial Plan

Startup Expenses

To start our company we have invested $ 50,000.


According to our bank we have a budget around $ 100,000 for the first year.


Our suppliers are all around the world from Cuba to Tokyo.

Predicted Profits

Our objective is to earn $300,000 for the first year.

Marketing Plan


We do advertising in a lot of magazines and newspapers.

Promotional Material

To promote our product we have partnership with some companies and tvs spots.


Many companies like our already exist, but we select only the best for you and we do it with love.

Target Marketing

We are targeting all the people around the world who want the best tobbaco, cigar and alcohol.

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